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Sacred Sound at Chickasaw

Can you explain a little bit about the sound healing ceremony you held at Chickasaw?

In the context of that kind of event, I set up Tibetan bowls, steel drum, gong, and other instruments…and I am using my music as a sacred intention setting prayer for mother earth and the land and the people in the room and the sacred space I’m in. Basically, I use music as a prayer.

What is your interest in the Contact in the Desert UFO Conference?

I have been interested in star people and space travel and all of that kind of stuff for many, many years. I tend to think its all real because of some of the memories I have of past lives. I noticed when I played one of the first Tibetan bowls I ever purchased 12 or 13 years ago that the sound of the bowl reminded me of the sound of the engines in the starships because that’s how we moved them, we moved them with sound. So, for me the music has a strong connection to the stars…

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